Saturday, January 7, 2017

Teak Furniture: Care Tips For Extending Life

Anyone in need of outdoor furniture should always consider teak because of its beauty and durability. The combination of teak's beauty, comfort, and strength is rarely matched by any other piece of outdoor furniture. Authentic teak chairs can often carry a heavy price tag so there are a few guidelines you should follow if you want your teak chairs to be like new each year.

1) Buy Some Supplies

Although teak is extremely water and weather resistant, it is known to go through some changes when it has been sitting outside for a long time but these changes mostly effect the look and not the strength. These pieces of furniture are originally a warm honey color and after months to years of sun and rain exposure, they will start to acquire a grayish-silver color. This silver color is often seen as beautiful or classic looking, so some prefer to simply leave teak chairs to change on their own time.

When left out in the elements, outdoor teak chairs will also start to feel dry to the touch because the oils have run out. Restoring the oils will restore the natural feel of the teak chairs.

Whatever supplies you decide to buy, always ask an expert where the teak-specific products and shop around for the best prices.

2) Clean Teak Chairs Regularly
For those who would like to keep the natural warm colors and smooth surface, some cleaning and sealing supplies will be necessary. Even if your teak chairs have weathered to gray, it is fairly easy to restore the natural original colors.

Cleaning teak should be a part of your yard work routines because this prevents the chairs from becoming stained or ruined. Specific teak cleaners can be purchased at a home improvements establishment and when cleaning your furniture, always use a brush or soft cloth and rub in the direction of the grain. Be sure to never use steel wool to lift stains from outdoor teak chairs because the metal will get stuck in the wood and rust will most likely occur, which could cause a lot of damage to the colors. Also, a complete rinsing and drying process will need to be done before applying any product because dirt and mold present during the process of applying oil will make your job a lot more frustrating. Always be sure that you have dried the teak completely, preferably outside, before adding oils.
3) Find Out What Is Right For You and Your Chairs

There are many different products available specifically made to care for teak furniture and the process is usually completely up to the owner of the teak chairs. One optional supply is a brightening solution which is applied with a soft rag or brush to the teak chair to give it extra shine. Others like to simply apply the oil and let it dry.

Teak oil should be applied after completing the cleaning and brightening process of the teak chairs. This process is fairly easy even for people who do not usually seal outdoor furniture because the oil will be absorbed by the wood and the teak chair with ease. You will know when to stop when the oil begins to form little puddles on the flat surfaces.

As always, a routine cleaning and sealing schedule every couple months is recommended to keep the wood looking and feeling fresh each season. It is also worth mentioning that all outdoor furniture including teak chairs will benefit from being put under a cover or in storage because no wood will last a long time if it is sitting in a yard which is collecting a lot of moisture.

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